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  • pearl-earring

    Beautiful earrings

    By Laurence Jorieux-Lequitte on 21st June 2019

    Beautiful earrings with fresh water pearl

  • ultraviolet

    The colour of the year is Ultra Violet

    By Laurence Jorieux-Lequitte on 31st January 2018

    The colour of the year is Ultra Violet. Ultra Violet means beyond violet, it shows in the colour spectrum...

  • porte-cle-wood

    Wooden beads key ring

    By Laurence Jorieux-Lequitte on 19th September 2017

    Wooden beads key ring Quick and easy to make, this key ring becomes a fashionable item with these soft...

  • rubber-bracelet

    PVC rubber cord bracelet

    By Laurence Jorieux-Lequitte on 13th July 2017

    PVC rubber cord bracelet PVC rubber cord can be used in many ways. Cut to lengh to make a...

  • IMG_6906

    Rose Gold earrings

    By Sales Team on 23rd June 2017

    Rose Gold earrings – well it’s all about earrings at the moment and I couldn’t resist having a play...

  • ethnic earrings

    Exotic earrings trend

    By Sales Team on 8th June 2017

    Exotic earrings trend Earrings are an easy accessory to wear. These earrings have a little exotic touch. We use...

  • red tassel earrings

    Tassel earrings

    By Sales Team on 8th June 2017

    Tassel earrings Fun trend this winter with tassel earrings. We created this earrings using our already made tassels and...

  • IMG_6577

    Carnelian hearts

    By Laurence Jorieux-Lequitte on 23rd May 2017

    Carnelian hearts are great to make statement earrings. We’ve been using sterling silver components, earhooks and ball head pin,...

  • venetian-glass-beads

    Vintage Venetian glass beads

    By Laurence Jorieux-Lequitte on 20th March 2017

    Vintage Venetian glass beads These beautiful authentic Venetian glass beads were hidding in a corner of our showroom. We couldn’t...

  • necklace-resin-and-gold-metal

    Mixing materials

    By Laurence Jorieux-Lequitte on 28th February 2017

    Mixing materials – It is always interesting to mix material to create stunning jewellery. Here is an example using...