Holiday Period

We will be close from Wednesday 20th December and reopening Thursday 18th January.

The website shopping option stays open so that mean that you can place order during our vacation but delivery will start from 18th January. Physical shop will be close to customers, our staff will be there only to do some maintenance.

As some of you might know, Laurence is originally from France and still has all her family living there. She has a 102 year old grand-mother that is doing extremely well but it’s time to catch up henceforth the long closing. It will be also a nice opportunity to check what’s new in Europe and come back with some ideas and inspirations. We wish you all a happy holiday season and a very successful new year! See you soon!

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About plastic and packaging

About ethicality
Since the change of ownership in 2015, we haven’t purchased any single use plastic bag. We do use the one we inherited from the previous owner. As they were buying large, we still have a huge stock of it.
We try to recycle and re-use every bag, bubble wrap or cardboard boxes that we receive from our own supplier. You might have noticed that every packing we do might be a bit different with each order.
For a long time, our paper bags and backing cards still had the old logo. Our policy has been to use what we have been given instead of throwing it like many companies do when they change logo. I know, marketer things it’s wrong as branding is everything but we’re a small business after all.
We source our products from small or medium size companies and by doing so helping families to have a good and decent live. It makes us happy to work with those small companies and businesses as we know that we’re making a difference…as you do when buying from us.

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New Showroom

After working very hard and fast we have (almost) set up our new place.

It’s bigger which means that you don’t need to make an appointment to come and make purchases.

Also, as we have more space, we can showcase more products.

We’re looking for to see you there!


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New location

So we’ve been moving to a new location last week…

You have to imagine that moving a full showroom plus a storage is not a small thing. Specially on one of the hottest day of the year!

So now that we are in the new place, we’re working hard and fast to make the showroom look good and functional.

Azzeline and myself will be delighted to welcome you in the new shop very soon.

In the meantime the online shop is open and delivery back to normal.

See you soon


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ultraviolet colour of the year 2018

The colour of the year is Ultra Violet

The colour of the year is Ultra Violet. Ultra Violet means beyond violet, it shows in the colour spectrum and is deep and bold.
The colour violet help with meaningful inspiration and spiritual fulfillment. It represent the dream, the imagination and the future. In creative terms it is inspired by science, space and what lay for us in the future.

Ulta Violet can be found in gemstones like Amethyst, Agates, Calcite or Swarovski Pearl and Crystal
Ultra Violet is a colour easier to mix than you may think and it does look great with gold, yellow and green.

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rose gold earring

Rose Gold earrings

Rose Gold earrings – well it’s all about earrings at the moment and I couldn’t resist having a play with the rose gold Hexagon shape.

Light and elegant, these earrings take 2 min to make and are a guarantee of a great effect.


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