About plastic and packaging

About ethicality
Since the change of ownership in 2015, we haven’t purchased any single use plastic bag. We do use the one we inherited from the previous owner. As they were buying large, we still have a huge stock of it.
We try to recycle and re-use every bag, bubble wrap or cardboard boxes that we receive from our own supplier. You might have noticed that every packing we do might be a bit different with each order.
For a long time, our paper bags and backing cards still had the old logo. Our policy has been to use what we have been given instead of throwing it like many companies do when they change logo. I know, marketer things it’s wrong as branding is everything but we’re a small business after all.
We source our products from small or medium size companies and by doing so helping families to have a good and decent live. It makes us happy to work with those small companies and businesses as we know that we’re making a difference…as you do when buying from us.

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