exotic earrings trend

Exotic earrings trend

Exotic earrings trend

Earrings are an easy accessory to wear. These earrings have a little exotic touch.

We use our metal pendants, chains, drop beads and jump rings.

tassel earrings

Tassel earrings

Tassel earrings

Fun trend this winter with tassel earrings. We created this earrings using our already made tassels and bell cap.

Quick and easy to make and very fun to wear.

Carnelian earrings heart

Carnelian hearts

Carnelian hearts are great to make statement earrings.

We’ve been using sterling silver components, earhooks and ball head pin, and also a Swarovski bicone 4mm to catch the light and the eyes…


Vintage Venetian glass beads

Vintage Venetian glass beads

Vintage Venetian glass beads

These beautiful authentic Venetian glass beads were hidding in a corner of our showroom.

We couldn’t help but bringing them back to a better spot to display their beauty.

They are handmade, gold foil is fused or submerge with the Venetian glass so they are all looking the same …but different.

Use this beads to make some stunning and very special jewellery


mixing material necklace resin and metal beads

Mixing materials

Mixing materials – It is always interesting to mix material to create stunning jewellery.

Here is an example using large statement resin beads and brass metal.


long white necklace

Long white necklace

Long white necklace – Create a long necklace with glass beads, spacer and a pendant.

There is so many variation possible in terms of colour, shape and pendant.

Check our glass beads range for more ideas.

Keep your hands busy this weekend

Keep your hands busy for the long weekend

Keep your hands busy for the long weekend.

Check our glass section for great beads inspiration. From cube, oval, round or flower, glass beads comes in different shape and colour.

Hard not to be creative!

Happy New Year 2017!

Happy New Year 2017!

Auckland Beads is now close for holidays.

The showroom will re-open on January 16th .

See you then and have a good break!

choker mania

Choker mania

Choker mania – as choker are the big summer trend, we couldn’t resist to create our own version of it.

We used 2m of the imitation suede liquorice. We then selected two nice metal beads that we thread through both end.

Knot the end and voila, a fashionable choker done in 5 min top.

Fashion should’nt be hard….

Check our vast selection of imitation sued thong and metal beads to create your own individual style.

Semi-precious Stones


spider agate grey and black 8mm

agate beads 12mm black and white stripes

faceted agate beads 8mm white opal







Semi-precious Stones

We have now in stock more semi precious stones with some beautiful Spider agate and milky white faceted 8mm.

Also a new addition to the catalogue is green Jade or nephrite. These beads comes in 8mm and are round and smooth.

Check our new Swarovski colour with iridescent effetcs, red, green and purple.

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