Du-Kit Polymer clay. Sold per 50 grams pack

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Du-Kit Polymer clay.

Sold per 50 grams pack

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Du-Kit Polymer clay. Made in NZ

Du-kit is a premium quality modelling material that can be used to make stunning craft items and art work.

This unique formulation is non-crumbly straight from the packet and requires very little conditioning to be workable. It has excellent shape retention when modelling, and bakes to a strong and flexible finish.

Preheat oven to 130°C (275°F). Place items on oven-safe tray or foil dish in the center of the oven.
**For best results, cover items with foil sheet or an upturned foil tray. This will protect the Du-kit surface from
temperature spikes and ensure your items still look perfect after baking**
Bake items for up to 30 minutes. Very small and thin items may only require 10 minutes to bake properly.
Do not exceed the recommended bake temperature or time.
Remove items from oven and allow to cool completely before handling

Sold per 50 grams pack



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