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Archive for August, 2016

  • pink-shell-pearl-necklace

    Shell Pearls Necklace

    By Laurence Jorieux-Lequitte on 26th August 2016

              Shell Pearls Necklace I’ve decided to share some Auckland Beads archives with jewellery samples...

  • 464-901-Howlite-slice-cream

    Did you know?

    By Laurence Jorieux-Lequitte on 17th August 2016

              Did you know that Turquoise jewellery is 90% of the time Howlite that has...

  • Swarovski-necklace-bicones

    Auckland Beads Team Inspiration

    By Laurence Jorieux-Lequitte on 4th August 2016

              Auckland Beads Team Inspiration. As the weather is unlashing its winter wrath with heavy rain, gale...